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Your Property

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Protecting your happy place from the unexpected.


We understand your home is your sanctuary. Our goal is to help you find the right protection for you and your family, so you can focus on other important matters.  


Problem-solving is our specialty. As independent agents, we have many options from which to choose to keep your family safe and protected from unforeseen risk.

Call us today to talk further about your Cape Coral  homeowners insurance, or other policies, and we'll take it from there, 239-540-0005.


This policy covers your primary home, occupied by you and your immediate family.  In addition, coverage typically includes your personal contents, liability, and other miscellaneous structures located on your property.  Every situation is unique, so call us for a personalized quote.

Types Covered
  • Primary or Seasonal Home

  • Single Family Building

  • Single Family Duplex

  • Condominium in a Multi-unit Building

  • Manufactured Homes


Flood insurance is specific coverage for losses caused by rising rivers and streams, wind-driven tidal surge, or rainfall runoff that inundates your home from the outside in. Take note: Your homeowners policy does not cover these types of losses.  We recommend flood insurance even in zones not required by a mortgage.  Damage to flooring, drywall, cabinets, furniture, appliances and personal belongings can be covered. 


A vacant home means the dwelling is not lived in. This may include your investment home that is not intended to be rented. Vacancy presents different risks and more vulnerability; therefore, your premiums and coverage can be affected, as well as the acceptance of a claim.  We are happy to discuss your situation and offer advice, 239.540.0005.


If you are renting a home, apartment, or condo, Renters insurance is a smart decision. It provides protection from the unexpected for both you and your possessions.  Coverage includes repair and replacement of personal property, as well as any liability issues.  Give us a call so we can explain the value of coverage in detail.  

Rental Property

Florida Rental Property insurance (Landlord insurance) provides coverage that protects your investment. In addition to your home, coverage includes loss of rent, liability, and damage to your property, whether it be from your tenant or a natural disaster.  There are several options to consider, so it is best to contact us so we can customize a solution for you.​

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