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Jack Phelps
Customer Service Representative and Office Manager

“Life is best shared.”

Originally from the rural town of Barnesville, Ohio, I grew up with wonderful parents and 2 older brothers. In 1985, we moved to Cape Coral after vacationing on Sanibel Island. For 25 years, I worked for Scott Paint, managing paint stores throughout SW Florida.

Solving problems for people is my expertise, and what I love to do. When I meet with a client to discuss their needs, I see things differently. I see myself as their advocate privileged to have an opportunity to make their life better by recommending the right solutions.  Sometimes it helps them buy the house they want. Sometimes it helps them recover when bad things happen. Many times I take something that seems complicated, and make it easy and understandable.

My wife Pattie and I have an incredible 4-yr old female lab/pointer mix, rescued as a small puppy by Brook’s Legacy shelter in Naples.  She is a gentle sweet dog that loves all our family and friends. Her office hours are Wednesdays. When she isn't looking up files for me, she keeps our team energized and our clients smiling with her sweet disposition and a kiss for everyone.  Her days at home are spent swimming and playing with family, and her furry friends in our pool.

Our home is truly our sanctuary and we enjoy entertaining every chance we get.  Since I am passionate about cooking, one of my joys in life is to feed a full house, which I do regularly.  Our living area has been transformed to our music room, where friends and family gather to sing and play guitar.  Initially, our home was a remodeling project and one of my fondest memories is teaching Pattie to use a jackhammer!

I've learned in life that true happiness comes from helping others succeed. And when you serve others, you find a wealth of happiness in your own life.  When you need assistance with insurance, or just have a question, call me, 239 540 0005.

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