Realtors, be the hero with these inspection tips.

The Elevation Certificate may already be available.

If the home is in a high risk flood zone, this certificate is required to purchase flood insurance and can help reduce insurance premiums.

You can save your client money and time by simply taking a look online for the current certificate. And, there's no expiration date. To save you time, contact me and I'll be happy to check for you. Can't find it online? Here's another route. Ask the seller - or builder - if he/she would locate the certificate to share with the buyer. The buyer can assume the seller's flood insurance policy. The policy history transfers, as well.

A Wind Mitigation Report may not be necessary.

This depends on certain factors, i.e. the year the home was built, and age of the roof. This inspection can reduce insurance premiums. However, there are circumstances where a wind mitigation report is not necessary because eligible discounts are already incorporated. This will save your client more time and money.

The 4 Point Inspection is mandatory.

Just a quick reminder...A 4 Point Inspection (HVAC, Roofing, Electrical, Plumbing) is required to obtain insurance for homes 30 years or older. It is important to remember this is a limited visual inspection and does not replace a home inspection.

We want to be your partner in closing the deal!

Before you request an inspection, check with me so your client does not incur unnecessary expense. I am here for you, 239.540.0005.

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